Bird Watching Holidays Spain, Bird Watching Holidays Portugal

Bird watching holidays in Spain and Portugal are very popular with anybody who has an interest in birdlife; because of its location, Spain is home to a wide range of fascinating and in many cases rare birds which cannot be seen elsewhere! Ideal for dedicated birders and amateurs alike, you’ll be able to visit again and again as there will always be the chance of spotting something new. From rare sights like the Red-necked Nightjar to stunning scenes of breeding flamingos on Spain’s largest natural lagoons, bird watching in Spain and Portugal can be educational, satisfying and thoroughly enjoyable.

Because it lies on the migration path between mainland Europe and North Africa, bird watching in Spain can be extraordinarily rewarding, as many birds making this migration will stop in Spain on their way to their destination. Rare birds of the Iberian peninsula, including warblers, swifts, and larks, can all be spotted by guests on our bird watching holidays in Spain and Portugal, as well as birds which pass through on their way to their summer or winter homes. You may see all kinds of birds passing overhead, including birds of prey like Griffin Vultures and Honey Buzzards.

You can choose to stay at a beautiful location within easy reach of popular birding locations and explore at your own pace, or you can take a guided tour as part of our bird watching holidays in Spain and Portugal, which allows you to take advantage of our experienced and knowledgeable guides to learn more about the fascinating species which surround you.

Whether you prefer to simply observe the birds around you and marvel in their beauty, or if you’re a keen wildlife photographer looking to get some stunning pictures of birds in their natural habitat, these holidays are bound to be an experience that you will remember and treasure for many years to come.

We have packages for bird watching holidays in Spain in the following areas:

– Andalucia