Spanish Nature Holidays – Andalucia (Spain)

Spanish Nature Holidays offers a wide range of wonderful themed holidays in the stunning area of Almuneca, in the Andalucia region of Spain.

We offer a chance for you take part in some local and interesting themes such as:


Beekeeping and the production of honey and its bi-products is one of the small businesses that we can visit. We normally travel out to the hives, which are kept on the mountainside close to the ” pueblo blanco ” of Otivar.

This is a fascinating outing. The owner, Francisco, sells all his produce at the local markets and has an excellent business thanks to his workers, the bees !


Olive Oil

Olive oil is a popular industry in Andalucia. There are still a lot of small farmers ( ourselves included ) who harvest the olives every year and then transport them to a local olive press to make olive oil.

We visit 2 of these presses, one, a modern press and the second, an abandoned press at least 100 years old.

We the also study the olive trees themselves and explain the yearly growing cycle.


Grape Cultivation and Winemaking

Grape cultivation and winemaking is a traditional activity in Spain. Our area, the Costa Tropical, specialises in dessert wines from the sweet Muscatel grape.

We will visit a small winemaking factory to see the process and then the Bodega to sample the local wines plus others from Spain. Obviously there will be tapas as well.

Again, this is an interesting outing and you are guaranteed to learn a lot about the local winedrinking culture !


Fruit production

Fruit production is big business in the Costa Tropical region. As we drive or walk around the area we will see many hillsides covered with fruit trees.

The main crops are Chiramoya ( custard apples ). Mango, Nisparo, Avocados and Almonds. Luckily in our area it is prohibited to use plastic to speed up fruit growth, so the hillsides are a green and vibrant spectacle.

We will visit the fruit tree orchards and discuss the cultivation methods used, as well as visiting a packing plant to understand how our supermarkets are supplied from the South of Europe.


Guitar Making

We are lucky to have here in Almunecar one of the regions finest guitar makers…..Antonio Alvarez. He also makes and plays beautiful mandolins.

We visit his workshop which is situated in El Parque Majuelos, a park dedicated to trees from all over the former Spanish colonies.

Antonio is very happy to explain his craft to us and has many examples of guitars and mandolins that he has made.


Basket Weaving

One of the local products that abounds is cane. You can find it by many roadsides and in the gullies where water runs.

The locals have a traditional skill of basket weaving that goes back centuries.probably to the Phoenecian occupation and before.

There are still local craftsman making baskets and we watch and marvel at their skills. There is even one guy who sits outside at the daily market and sits quite happily weaving away all morning long.

We also offer a wide range of other themes:


Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Kayaking, Sailing

These are all activities that we have available at our local Water Sports Centre. If you would like to mix some of these activities in on your weeks holiday, please let us know. we will give you a quote from the company involved.


Horse Riding

We use a fully-accredited Horse Riding Centre based close to Almunecar. They cater to riders of all levels, novices to experienced riders.



Please ask us for quotes for any activities that interest you and we can organise them for you.

The area is ideal for outdoor activities, all year around as the climate is superb, probably one of the best in all Southern Europe.


The list of activities that we can offer are the following…..









All these activities are run by professional and fully-insured and trained companies.

Please ask us for more details.



The house is over 100 years old and we have restored it and put in modern facilities such as electricity and hot water !

There are 4 bedrooms that can be either 8 singles or 4 singles and 2 doubles.

There are 2 bathrooms, each with a walk-in shower, a good sized kitchen and dining room and a large living room. For more information visit this link:




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